Thug Life: To A Special Solider

From the streets of New Orleans He ran

Living that Thug Life

A True Solider He is through and through

Doing His way…Doing What He Do

A True solider wit heart and soul

Gotta have respect for a nigga like Him

Seeing past those Thug eyes

He found a special place in my heart

His “loved one” i’ve always been

NIgga To Da Trigga, We Are

Our lives taking separate ways

Me and Bike life, He and Thug life

Even as years pass, I’m never far

When He needs to have a true heart to heart,

Not even the walls around can stop him

Out of the blue, my phone will ring

Hearing that familiar voice sing,

By the name He gave

“my loved one”, I’ll hear

But tonight was strangely different, I could tell

something was heavy on His heart

Upon hearing His words, i fell apart

That dreaded “C” word He has

Even in His last moments,

A True Solider, Tall He stands

With the refusal of treatment, These words I hear

“im good, ima go out my way. Doing my thing,”

“A thug I am, A thug I’ll die”

As true solider You are,

With hennesay raised,

This I know,

A true solider You’ll go!

But, My Crazy One, before You go,

There’s something You should know

This call I’ve answered before

And with pride I took to his side

Pain I took and Strength I gave

To The very end my gift I gave

This message I have for You

I’d be honored to once again

To answer Your call,

For my Special Friend

With Honor and Pride,

Along side You I take

To take this walk to the very end

In Your time of need

No matter where or when

You can always call on Your friend

From Your lips, say the name You gave,

Even as a whisper, ill hear

I’ll answer you right then.

With my gift, This i can do

ease your pain and take from you

With my gift this i give to You

The strength that i have in me, is just for Thee!

And Know that when that day comes

With special love in my heart

That bottle I will raise

As The True Solider You are

A True Solider Ya’ll go!



Ya see where Yer crazy ass ended up huh?

on my site with me!

Even tho, we are worlds apart

i got that special love for You!!!!

“Nigga ta da trigga” we are

I guess ya’ll can tell, i got that phone call last night, the only thing i knew to do, was take to my writing.when i say, i know exactly what cancer, radation and chemo feels, this is TRUE!!! I DO!!!! 

This is what an Empath is called to do!! With honor and pride, my calling I’ll do!!!

We do this, to help another’s person journey to be a little bit easier

to help get a loved one through one more day. to fight battles for the ones we love,

we take the major blows,to save the strength in that persons fight

So for me, when you waste my time and energy, you are not ONLY taking from me, but it just may be another life you are stealing from. cuz no matter when, someone ive given permssion to do, may call upon my name, and by my energy, ill giving that person help in their lives, so many things that to you, may be really important that i may not see of importance to me, it’s not to downplay whats important to you. but for me, i take on another persons life, to help them in their days, and at any given time, i may GET AND FEEL the horrible headaches my girlfriend in new york has, she uses my energy to help her to deal with that headache just for a lil while…i may get sick feeling the cancer ive already felt before….so when you dump bullshit on me, you are doing nothing, but taking from a life that im trying to give to!!!!! 

To those who continue to want to fuck with me so that you can have your FALSE SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, the little shit you pull with me, i swat off like the nothing that you are to me, i have more important things to do with my time than to deal with bullshit ass people like you…keep your false sense of entitlement….because for me, i have been given this gift, so therefore, theres a responsiblity with this gift that i am entitled to do…theres no empowerment feeling with this, it is just what we are called to do…so feeling empowered….naaa….honored is more like it!!!!! 

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