To Give Me Back Life

With one gesture, one task He gave

His own breathe He gave, Giving back life

The feel of dispair was replaced with care

When all others told I had no value,

He showed my value was priceless

Forever work never stopping had I, my all I gave.

Never good enough taking more

With one gesture, one task He gave

Giving a gift worth more than anything one could hold

A break He said, Take time, Decompress

Given the permission to stop,

When all others told me keep going, its not enough

Stealing my time, Time is what He gave!

No longer having care, or reason for life

Once used up, discarded, cast to the side

When the world said I was not good enough

With one gesture, one task He gave

He picked me up, and by His own breathe

Giving back life, and said that I was perfect.

For This my loyalilty be true, and my submission I offer You

Kneeling at Your feet, may I?

Sir, I Thank You for the Gift of Life

With that one gesture, one that task You gave

Ironically enough I wrote this before the first major scene that i’ve had in 2 1/2 yrs. This person, ive known now for 2 yrs, the ONLY ONE that has stayed true and supported me. Today, i allowed for the scene to happen, hung me today and took my very breath and life 4 times (i think lol) from me. given me breathe back. I had no doubts in the trust i have in Him. When all others have shown me to not trust, He showed me i finally can! With this i spoke a title that i havent spoken since my last release 5 yrs ago. No one earned that title till today. This is what TRUE BDSM STANDS FOR, WHAT TRUE BDSM IS!!!!

This writing it came from being given the task of staying away from the site for 12 hrs today, He made me stop and take a break from it!!! told me today was a day to take a break and decompress!!! NO ONE has told me this since i’ve started working, NO ONE! No ONE has EASED MY STRESS JUST KEPT ADDING TO IT!!! NO ONE but Him!

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