To the Angel That God Sent Me This Morning

my manager woke me at 12:40 asking me where rent was. after all the stress i actually i guess passed out and didnt even realize it thru out the night. I had no idea what i was gonna do.

Thanks to this angel that God sent to me this morning, i am worry free FOR ONE MONTH!!

I had 100 put up and a lil bit on the card. i wanted to surprise this angel just as he did me, because ive been sitting here in shock …just in total shock crying.

after all that content was stolen last night and me crying hopelessly…i am now crying thankfully with this blessing that came from above!!!! Thank you my angel. thank you my angel

….i want say,,,,most of this world,,,,is filled with greed and hate.and cant see past taking for them selves. and the few of us still out there that give selfishlessly like i do….when we give…we give more than whole heartedly…and we give to make a difference. This angel he gave life instead of taking life, HE GAVE ME LIFE!!!! …and to me …and what i was facing…i cant begin to tell you the gratitude that i will forever have for this angel!!!


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