Understanding my perceptions

Send my perceptions are different so I see everything everything that I look at I don’t see in the same eyes that you do I’m not the same kind of person I am an empath so I think maybe try to grasp how I see things I see things like in that movie patch Adams where the colors are so vivid and bright an artwork that that’s how I see things I see things very vividly very colorful or black black and white cut and dry.

When a person goes through so much and feels so much and can feel the hatred and just has had all this stuff be brought to that person the whole lives that person’s going to understand and be compassionate even more so this is an empath so some examples

So when you tell me you’re sorry telling me you’re sorry means that you really mean that but you won’t do it again you really ever thought that was stub is not with you meant to do you did not mean to hurt me or what have you or whatever it was so when you smile just those were around the word sorry what does that mean to you because for me it means I just sorry you sorry for my life what are you sorry for are you sorry that my life is pimple because you brought me your pity and your drama. They’re for making my life pityifil

His another thing about Pitty. I don’t want your pity and I don’t want your sorrow that’s why do I want that I don’t want your hand out I’m going to hand up yes but I don’t like him and I like working and feeling value about myself of earning something. Working for it there’s so many people that just sit there and take I would rather work for it. If you’re going to have sorrow and pity pity pity pity yourselves for doing this to me kitty the way you just automatically assume that I’m not busy and I can the counselor today to cancel your problems and take on your world.

I don’t want pity and I don’t want sorrow I don’t like it it doesn’t feel good to me cuz I actually feel it because I get it from all of you so much I love you the whole wide world I don’t point would you or the public or whatever towards just sex work community I feel dizzy when I go into a store why do you think I go into Walmart at 3 in the morning so I don’t have to feel so many people being in a crowd sucks for me.

Misery loves company you bring me cuz you got to take to an empath you make and force me to be your company and your misery that’s not me that’s not my feelings that’s not my problems that’s not my worries it’s not my stresses I had my own please Don’t Force this on me this is what I’m talking about

When you’re forced to feel things that you don’t like to feel all the time why would I voluntarily do in these things or do the same things that it’s done to me or that I feel because of the kind of person you are even if you don’t do it to me I still feel it you bring that kind of aura around me.

so I’m going to be even more compassionate and I’m going to be even more understanding and I’m going to be even sheltering myself even more away from those kind of people that’s why I don’t deal with social mainstream I’ve never been into the society’s ways the society just is so ugly and gross to me because I feel all of society all at once society does not have a positive feel to it at all you just the vibrations are just so low and budding just the thud of a low vibration that a person carries it hurts hurts in my ears it’s a big boom drum in my ears didn’t get sub loud that it just feels like it makes my head wanted to split open. Very literally speaking.

Tell me I’m strong when you tell me you’re on on the strongest person you know you know what I’ve been forced to be this strong I don’t like having to be destroying all the time why would a person want to be this strong and always having to deal and be the shoulder to cry on all the fucking time why can’t I have that because I’m that strong I don’t need it is that what you’re telling me?

that’s what you’re telling me to me.

I’m so strong that I don’t need anybody that’s so not true you forced strong on me I don’t have no one to go to and lay my head down and cry on their shoulders you’re also telling me that because I’m so strong. Then you must be that damn weak, if you’re forcing me to be the strong being strong does not mean I don’t need or want someone it does not mean to leave me alone and be lonely strong means strong it does not mean it replaces loneliness or that it replaces not needing human connection cuz that’s so not true

See I have enough of my own problems at the especially now that I have all the world’s problems in debt and it in the form of debt that’s what I’ve done that’s what an empath is done an empath has found herself in the into debt by trying to help the world and their problems that I cannot fix I have to make down trees and I have to keep them.

These my realizations for me to own. I tried to solve The world’s problems and make the world a better place to be and the world is still not happy and now I’m left with the debt that’s what I have to think about nuts what I have to accept and that’s what I have to realize cuz these bills are in my name not yours you don’t take responsibility for your actions I’m having to take responsibility for your actions and that’s what impact has found herself to be in that’s what I have to accept and figure out what I’m going to do about it because none of you are I love you fuck me with that and then on top of it blame me for it.

This is why I perceive things differently I’m wired differently literally speaking my body is wired differently. It’s scientifically proven. It’s so exhausting to have to explain to non empaths what I go through it really is. Its so exhausting.

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