Understanding The Order In Chaos

Recognizing The Chaos

Just like the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Crazy is the same way, we see crazy because it’s not understood. Once understood it can be conquered. You then begin to understand what the craziness was. When you see the patterns in the crazy, you then start to understand and you can embrace once recognized.

Same thing in chaos. Once you start to see the patterns it’s not so chaotic anymore. Like I’ve been saying before…

“Can’t See Till You Can See”….. and

“Hind Sight is ALWAYS 20/20”

“Recongizing And Identifying”

I’ve been teaching you this for a long time now. Once I recognized what had been happening in the chaotic mess that happens all the time. This seems to happen right before a spiritual awakening for me. Lots of confusion, lots of stuff always swirling around me. (And it’s one blow after blow after blow after blow for me. And I mean, the way it’s been. The time between the blows are only minutes apart from each other.) Once recognized, you can start to see the patterns. This is why I write all the time, because then I can go back, like I am now and recognize these different patterns and how long these patterns were. So that I could tell and tell you and give you an idea of what’s what’s been happening and what can be done about that chaos…..Once crazy can be understood it’s then seen from a different perspective. It’s not so crazy anymore. Same with chaos, Once chaos is looked at and understood it’s seen from a different perspective at that point.

Take for example, I’ve never understood math, never been good at math. But as a cashier, I learned how to count change back without the use of a calculater. Seen in a different prespective, it’s then Identified and Reconginzed, then you can organize that chaos, then you can Conquer that chaos. There’s ALWAYS Tell-Tale signs and the patterns of what chaos is really trying to tell us. In order to hear what it’s telling you, You MUST First Stop To Listen!!!!

For me, the constant chaos surrounding me, bombarding me delievering one blow right after the other after the order. Well, this is to constantly keep me from me doing what I’m supposed to be doing, keeping me busy. So that I don’t STOP to listen……

Understanding The Universe

The Universe will tells us everything that we need to know…IF you take the time to stop and look around you…..AND LISTEN!!!. But before you can hear and understand what the universe is saying to us. You MUST first learn what embodies the universe. The Elements. Vibration, Energy. The Universe has Her own laws, but yet, we as humans keep TRYING to force our own laws upon her. Well first of all, you can NOT force anything on anyone or anything, it just will NEVER come out like YOU want it to. You then will NEVER see her try beauty as an “Art Form,” And it’s NOT her laws to follow. Hence “The Laws Of The Universe” that we should all know by now….And I have already taught you “Understanding The Basics of Energy” as well.

If you do not know all the Universal Laws here’s a link: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/m/blogpost?id=1335877%3ABlogPost%3A2292570

The First Element: Akasha

Going against the universe is exactly like going against the grain of the wood when you sand it. The Universe has her own laws, her own reasons. You can for sand that wood against the grain and expect it to turn out the way YOU envision that wood to come out. And just like math, YOU can NOT expect positive when there is a negative in the equation. But yet, we as humans expect positive results even when you send out negative. Personally, I don’t see the LOGIC in this twist. This is human kind putting their INDIVIDUAL twist on A UNIVERSE. Your indiviual beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc. THIS IS ABSURBLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HUMAN KIND TO FORCE OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL SELVES AND PRESENT THE UNIVERSE WITH ALL THIS INDIVIUALITY AS A WHOLE AND EXPECT THE UNIVERSE TO ABIDE BY BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALITIES…..Can you see how absurb this logic REALLY is. This is NOT logic, this is trying to force your individual selves on something that can not be forced. This cannot be expected to work, It does NOT work! You have to go with the universe. The universe has a lot to say. Akasha tells a long story and it happens over and over again. Akasha… Akasha is the First Element, Akasha is your soul, Akasha is Cosmos, Akasha is the beginning and the end. Akasha….IS THE “ALL.” Akasha… She is and She will always be. And for those of you who still believe that the pentagram is the devil worshippers sign, like my parents do. This IS NOT TRUE. The pentagram, respresents the Elements of the Universe. The top point of the Star, This is respresenting Akasha! (remember up top, when not understood…yes the imagination does run wild) To understand The Four Elements (that is the first to come to mind), YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND, THE FIRST ELEMENT OF THE FIVE!

Understanding it is the five elements that we have to have to survive when you understand those elements in the meanings behind them and what they are here for what they do what they say how they act the more than just what meets the eye as is warranty you will be able to understand me for one and then to what you’re supposed to do is your purpose your site with your hair for because every one of us is here for a reason if we would have bring all of us together and understand thisas powerful as this world is on hatred you cannot even begin to imagine what this world can be as powerful as it can be on living on good and love and kindness

Learning and Understanding The Elements

Once you study the elements and their meanings behind each element instead of just looking at rain as rain. When you see as rain is purifying cleansing or destroying in one way the other. Which destroying is ultimately cleansing. You start to begin to understand but the elements are telling us

Take for example, wind. Wind tells a lot, if you understand when take for example a storm storm and rain but also the storm is wind. when you’re in the middle of a chaotic storm listen to The wind you will then hear the messages that need to be heard once you understand the universe you begin to understand the pattern and the chaos you begin to understand that chaos is trying to tell you something

During the chaos and confusion you can’t see outside of it. All you see is the chaos whirling around you but if you stand firmly in Earth ground yourself and you just stand there and you watch around you and you pay attention once I storm passes guess what you’re still grounded aren’t you. Then you can start surveying the damage that has been done start picking up the pieces and gathering everything together once you pick up those pieces and you start putting them pieces back together, they become a picture. Becomes the story to be told. I was born and raied in Baton rouge I don’t live in Louisiana anymore because of the hurricanes look at all that you see in Louisiana that I grew up with all the rain all the storms all the tropical storms.

Take tornadoes for example when you hear that freight train coming you know that tornado is coming your way, right? That’s the wind. when you understand wind is talking to you correct. This is what chaos and wind it’s telling us something is about to happen right if you pick up the tell-tale signs and start to see the patterns you start to know it’s not so crazy than anymore

Let’s Look At The Chaos That Always Surrounds Me

For those of you who came and told me that my blogs are negative well they are that’s the chaos in the storm surrounding that tries to stop me if you don’t like my blogs Here’s the point

If you don’t like the mirror image, change the image you portray out

Yes my blogs have been negative but you’re seeing things not in the way that they should. Take a few steps back and look at it in a different way. Not only should you change the mirror image that you’re portraying out that you’re seeing but look at it as that chaotic storm that’s that’s happening is just trying to keep me from my spiritual purpose from what I’m supposed to be doing.

The devil works in many ways and takes on many forms now remember that remember what you give out put out there you’re going to get back so if you put out there the merit that that image that you’re not liking you’re putting it out into the universe you’re going to get it back so if you’re seeing that in me that would be the mirror image that you’re putting out into the universe so you need to understand that the order that is always in the chaos and the disorder when you identify and recognized as it is you start to understand it it’s not so crazy anymoreyou then start looking at the timelines and the patterns and you start seeing the patterns and then you can have that full understanding of it all

Take each one of my blogs that’s negative put that into a chapter that’s the chaos before the spiritual storm. Thats the chaotic storm before the spiritual awakening. When we take each one of those blogs and put that into a chapter, we’re going to have to see how long the chaos surrounds me before a spiritual Awakening happens with me

Did I tell you not that you were on a journey with me you will learn in this journey now you will learn the order in the chaos once seen

Much love

Ms rogue

ps. I’ve said from get-go that I do not walk the ways of society. But yet, when you are looking at me, you are seeing me through the glass of society. What society has conditioned you to be and to see. Society’s “looking-glass” You will never begin to start to understand what I teach if you continue to see and judge through society’s measures.

Remember: I did state this is not for everybody. If you can not see then you are not meant to see and understand. My journey and my purpose is for me and me alone. I do not claim any claims just giving my story that’s all. I walk my journey as I have always walked, alone with my lone wolf. That’s it.

I am in the process of making table of contents to my blogs and put the pages of the chapters to my book together. so there will be many changes that I will be implenting on the website very soon, like I’ve been working on several things that I have not published yet for almost 2 weeks now. I will put things out there soon.

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