Lessons’ Learned

Update to the vampires into the demons and what’s been going on with me for the last 2 and ½ years I realized this morning just what had happened there’s been a married man involved in my life unbeknownst at the time to both of us what we’re done we are connected ourselves one by one by our souls. He told me he wanted to fall he wanted to fall off the edge he felt the love was so great he wanted to fall with me and he did. When I could feel and I could see him and I can taste when he was eating and I can I knew exactly what he was doing and what he felt I felt him completely it was like me being pregnant once again I feeling his every move in my belly just like a child in my belly he severed that cord he severed the umbilical cord that attach to us together from that time on I have not been able to feel him taste him taste would he ate I cannot hear his words I cannot hear his thoughts but what he did was he did it wrong when he severed that in biblical cord to our souls connect to nest says one he left my soul decor to my soul hanging and it’s been his demons that’s come to play with me anilao the portal to be open. That day when he severed the cord a connection to our souls unbeknownst to me I dropped to my knees screaming in undeniable agonizing motherfuking pain I could never describe screaming at the top of my lungs out loud and I’m talking screaming very loud I’ve never in my life through all all of what I’ve gone through I’ve never in my life known the gut-wrenching pain that I have felt that time.

We had an issue together where his wife had caught chlamydia I don’t know the whole story on that one but it ended up not being my fault in for 3 months I worried and wondered how it could have been me because the doctor swars to doctor swore it was not me two doctors yet he didn’t have the common courtesy or the respect to let me know what was going on he forgot to tell me is what he said he kept wondering why I was so worried about it I was so worried about it then my hair started falling out it was during that time that he left to go out of town from work while he was in his drunken stupor he told me he loved me manipulated the words so he can get his side pussy back and whether he wants to admit it or not that is the truth. Or at least that’s exactly what I felt it to be the truth since that time he has not told me he loved me he refuses to even as a friend he refuses to even manipulate the words to right that wrong on how he told me he loved me. To make the manipulation in the twist in his drunken stupor that wrong to make it right.

This morning I about called out his name on Twitter this morning I felt once again and I screamed once again because see those cords they needed to be burned and tied just like the rope when you cut rope so it won’t unravel or just like when a woman gets her tubes tied they have to be tied and burned and I still can’t get confirmation out of him that this be done I can’t get confirmation out of him that he put positive back into my soul which I would think he would but he has to be the one to do these things and say these words and get confirmation so it’s been quite literally his demons have been coming out to play in my fucking life fucking my world up. Quite literally. When you play into the spirit world there’s a certain protocol that has to be followed you don’t just let things hang and leave them un completed. Because see here it is is never on the physical realm of what things happened it’s always on the spiritual and I told him from GetGo I would never ask him to leave his wife I knew better but he did things and left things open for me to be in a dangerous state. And today three days after the opening and I was set upon and left for a week I’m sick what’s it called I have the scars of his demons on my face and tendonitis in my ear and no matter how much I’ve always loved him this cars will be proven and shown for the rest of my life for what’s been done it cannot be undone.

I speak these words because learn your lessons please do not do these kinds of things and think you can leave them undone I’m the one who has had to pay for him falling off the edge and falling in love I caught his fall back then and I’ve been paying for it ever since then and I’m about tired of paying for everybody’s accountabilities and catching everybody’s falls and cushioning everybody else’s falls when mine is not cushioned I’m tired of week motherfukers who just won’t stand up and be and hold their balls in their handsI’m tired of being the one that holds balls in my hands when they’re not my balls at all

its now done and over ….to explain better, when the cord was cut long ago, its like taking a piece of rope and cutting into two pieces, that rope if that cut end is not tied and burned, its going to unravel. today on the 17th he did what needed to be done, he took both ends his and mine, and he tied each end and burned them, and put each piece of the cord back where they belong, to its rightful owners, now i feel a bump where the my part has been tied, im sure there will be scar tissue that grows as the wound heals. so its now been completed and i can now just as he can carry on with our lives separately and respectfully.

The Moral To This Life’s Lesson Story Is…

The moral to this life’s lesson that needs to be learned, and take this lesson that these two hard headed ppl have had to learn, because I know he will agree, when you go to cut ties and sever cords, not only do you not burn your Bridges it don’t leave the cords open Tie them tight, tie them right making sure nothing evil can penetrate and get in. Only positive, unspoiled and clean thought sent as the ties are tied tight and burned. Do it with love and do it with all your might I’m so got the chords do not unravel in lifes travels. When you see an elephant is standing in the middle of the room don’t ignore that big ol elephant because even though he’s quiet and patient that big ol elephant is making himself known for a reason and you can’t just sweep a big old elephant under the cover or under the rug. Because that big ol elephant is too big for that cover or rug he’ll still be there every time you look. Go up to that elephant and find out what his message is. Cuz any problem left undone will only Fester bring resentment and things that you cannot think of so fix the problem And fix it right so that you can walk on in your life and know you did right

In light and love this message is from this one hard-headed bitch stubborn and have to learn the hard way

But it’s the hardest lessons that you’ve learned that you carry on the rest of your life

And from now on I think Michelle is just going to make it easy and get her a dog and call him harley amd from on he’ll be my best friend by my side

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