Vision Part 2

The Professional Side/Rogue

Providing You With Professional Excellent Quaility Service. Safety and Security That You Can Count On, Full Anonymity And Nondisclosure Of Any And All Information Given and/or Discussed. Being Confident That Our Visits Together Will Be Above Exceptional That I Put A Guarntee To It! Or The Visit Is On Me!!!!

(Now what does this mean? To answer alot of your questions, I’ve planned on this for a very long time now, 2 yrs to be exact. Over time, I’ve put ALOT of thought into this, and how I was going to put this into words to where it wouldn’t be taken advantage of, especially considering that I do understand how the male anatomy works, that there’s situations where that could affect performance that could clash with my guarantee. During this time, I’ve only come across 3 different situations where complete satisfaction did not happen; 1) holding back and going past time, IE: being taken advantage of, 2) stress from RW life, 3) nervousness about visiting. Also, I have VERY HIGH STANDARDS and I ONLY give the BEST QUAILTY TIME that I can possibily give to you. These standands that I have are for myself as well for my dates. This being ONE of my reasons why my screening is as detailed as it is. With all this said, QUAILTY over QUANITY is EVERYTHING TO ME! I will ONLY see and visit with “Gentlemen” that have these same standards as I do. My Guarantee is based off of average normal situations ONLY, therefore does NOT apply to situations that could affect performance IE: medications, along with the above mentioned, etc. Please Do Take Note Of This)

Educating and Promoting Positive Healthy Sexuality

Topics To Include: “To Know Oneself,” “Sexuality and Spirituality, “A Series on BDSM Education.” “Spirituality.” just to name a few. 

Providing Resources and Infomation For A Better Dating Experience

Topics To Include: Escort and Hobbiest Information, How To’s, Guides, Tips, Etiquette, and Safety, among many more topics that come along.

Providing Resources and Information That’s Tailored For The Adult Industry

Topics To Include: Post-Fosta Laws, Business Formation, Trademaking, Copyrights, Logo, Branding, News and Articles that I have found to pass the information down to you.

Providing Better Insight and Understanding About The Adult Industry For The Average Public

Topics To Include: Bringing Awareness of Bringing Fantasy Porn Into Your Reality, The Dangers, What Can Happen, The Impact That It Can Cause and It’s Physcological Effects. What Lines To Cross and What Should Stay Fantasy

Engaging Positive Interaction With The Public Audience

I have always valued getting input from others,

Includes: Having Polls, Any Questions? Ask me on Curious Cat, Getting Opionions, Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions From The Public.

Selling Content

Amature Porn: Pictures I have 1000’s of different pictures of me that I have taken while playing solo as well as playing with others. Over time, I have built up a VERY LARGE collection of pictures that have been taken during my play times. Videos: Over time, I have also collected a large number of different small clips that were done for me to go back to, consider when I’m “pre-occupied” there’s only thing that’s on my mind 

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2 thoughts on “Vision Part 2”

  1. Gold Seal Quality Guarantee!! Now that is some Great Pussy and Headgame. YMMV but its good to know she takes enough pride in her service to guarantee a ‘give it her all’ great experience. Get your ticket punched fellas bring it home with a Gold Star on it and hang it on the refrigerator, well maybe that isn’t ….??

    1. I have put up the details on the Guarantee Page, though I’m not completely finished with it. But I have detailed everything out to better explain my reasonings of why I do things. And what guaranteed. I’ll be completely finished with it soon!

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