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Monday, September 9, 2019

11:31 AM

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The Personal Side/Michelle

Embarking On A Journey With No Destination In Sight….

Whether you happen upon my website by accident or come here for a purpose.  There is something for everybody here.  It is through my site, that if you step back and take a look at things in another perspective, another way that you may begin to see what I visualize for this site and my purpose behind it all.  See, this is a journey…my journey…a sex workers journey.  Not just a sex worker, but a person, a woman, a mother.  Someone that’s just regular ole coon ass that comes from the bayou.  Okay, a unique coon ass, yes I admit.?  As I’m very different in my ways.  And as it all unfolds, you’ll start to see that quite literally there is ALWAYS a method to all of my madness.  Though it may not be understood just right then, that if given the time and opportunity to show.  You will find that you will begin to have an understanding as I am unfolding my methods in my madness that there’s always a further reason then what the eye can foresee.

If you see only the “now game” in all the things that you read.  Then you will not see my personal vision for this site.  As I share to the public on just what’s been done.  By the start of my “Home” Page, I have taken you on to a journey; one that has many twists and turns, ups and downs, sideways and backwards many of times.

It is my hope that through this site, that you may gain a better understanding of the person behind Rogue, the real person…Michelle.  It is my vision, my hope that by sharing my hardships and struggles, my hurts and pains, that someone in a time of need be given strength encouragement and reason maybe to continue on that day.

And whether you’re a fan of sex work or not, it is in my hopes that by sharing my story as I struggle and climb my way up to incorporating myself, fighting every twist and turn that there is, that you start to see the great need in decriminalizing.

…….And eventually,…..ohhh what a secret I’m about to tell…(as I take a moment with a devilish grim painted on my face lol).. For those in wonderment for my loyalty and dedication that stands.  Within the many pages that’s been written, what’s been seen…..what’s been done, are the many drafts that’s been written one by one, without a clue to my reasons of what you have read…..

….Revealed in a vision that I had seen…..a second key was given for the journey I walk.  With taking my bow, a chapter you have just seen.  Part 1 of my purpose that is yet to be . (I’m starting to cry right now 5:37pm) that even she has not realized the rhyme or reason within the visions seen.  With this read, you will start to see the greater purpose that stands, now revealed to all as this page is written on this day.  For What’s to come, is One that is something greater than realized, one that even she is not knowing of what’s to be.  with this end, now begins the second chapter of what’s to come.  For those that ask and seek, listen and follow, as this tale unfolds and is seen…in this writing it is explained ….

6:02 Pm 9-5-19

ummm as a footnote: umm I’m kind of in a huge WOW factor right now, the first 4 paragraphs, those words just came…they I don’t know how to explain things, those words came will I was in the shower this afternoon.  I did not know how any of this was going to turn out, I just kind of followed with what I was seeing in my head and in my eyes.  When I closed them.  the link….that writing…I was typing that out with eyes closed, that day I had another vision.  and I guess, from that …it’s starting to be…so the last paragraph, that was coming to me as my fingers were moving over the keys…I know what I saw in my vision, but it’s not yet supposed to be revealed yet….is what’s coming over me.  I can’t explain it ..I don’t know how to….but I’m going to end this right here and now.  ….just WOW!!!!


ohhh I’m going to state this, the sentence ” with this end, now begins the second chapter of what’s to come.  “with the realization of those words, what came out of my mouth.  was….”OHHH SHIT! ” LOL


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