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Good morning everyone, i just wanted to give yall some updates. I am making lots of changes to the site. I have updated the Privacy and Cookie Policies, as well as the Disclaimer, please note two things, I do NOT share any information with any third parties and I will NOT comply, that was generated into the policy itself. Also please note the copyright in the Disclaimer, I have not finished the forms, I also have the Processing Agreements and Data Leaks form to do.

I also have added the News Tickers at the bottom at the page

I will also be adding Polls at the bottom as well.
Im also working on the Download Manager to have The Digital Store to be able to sell my content.
I have been working on getting the content ready to be sold.
And I will be Changing the pages around some, cleaning the pages up.

On The Resources Page, I have added alot of links on there. Alot of good resource links for Providers also. And I’m just getting started on that. I have lots more links for resources for everyone. I will be cleaning that page up as well.
Need to Change up the Gallary also. The Guarantee Page also needs finishing up.

Since I’ve been gone away from Twitter i have been working non stop to get everything updated and finished up. I’ve worked NON STOP these last 3 days.
the Performance of the site was in awful conditions!!!

I did finally find the errors that was affecting the images on the site.

I will be making brand new BOTH Contact and Screening Forms and trashing the one that I have. Until then Please send your screening information through my Protonmail Email being that It’s also encrypted
I’ve brought up the Performance Rates, by a little bit, not knowing what I’m dong. And that seemed like it took forever to try to figure out some of the errors that I was having. I’m still working steady to bring the Performance Rate up more.

I have also added more security to the site and have added the logo to SiteScanners on the bottom of the Home Page. The Site has been deemed Clean and Safe BY ALL of the Security Scans that I have Put in place.

I have also started trying to finish up all the Antalytics to the site, that’s ALOT of behind the scenes work that still needs to be done.

I will be fixing the “Join Me” button on the Home Page, as well as adding The Newsletters and Mail Subcriptions that I still need to get to.

I still have LOTS AND LOTS of content to go through and get ready for everyone!

So I have been burning the midnight oil on getting everything done. Please keep coming back to check on all the changes and new happenings that’s on the way.

See what happens when my time isnt wasted! lol I get ALOT done for Ya’ll to have. And have more coming for you!!!

Oh I have also added Pinterest both Personal and Business accounts to my Social Media

And I STILL havent done any research about the business side of things. So I still need to stop at some point and get started on preparing for all of that as well.

I hope that everyone has a great day …..

I can’t lie though, I do skull fucking in the mix somewhere in this. So don’t hesitate to stop me from all this work to give me a damn good skull fucking lmao!!! ??? wellll what did you expect from a dick a holic that hasnt had her skull fucking yet lmao!!! ???

Oh Yea, please don’t forget, Rates are going up on Sept 1st. Don’t Miss Out on getting locked into these current rates. 18 days left!

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2 thoughts on “Website Updates”

    1. Thank you very much! i’m happy the way it’s coming along, and love how the owner of the hosting server has helped me, she’s been wonderful! So i’m hoping and thinking that this will be home and with no problems this time!

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