What A Dick Pic Means To Me

This one started on my Tumblr, then on the last website. Now, it’s on this one lmao…I thank God, for One Note Clipper lol…cuz I backed up ALLL of my writings RIGHT before i pulled the site down. So, note, you’ll be seeing the updates on these writings, like what I’m doing here. Last I heard on the news about this subject, is that Texas looked like they were gonna pass that law about men sending pics of their body parts…So here goes…..

i’ts becoming more and more evident that I need to turn my attention to my tumblr writings and start focusing on putting these up on my site. So that you can see what hell I go through, the rawness of my emotions are always there for the world to see…cuz this is my ONLY OUT, so if this hurts business ta hell wit you ok lol…because i channel through the words that I type. the more I type the more i can release out from me and not hold onto the shit that starts to boil up inside. This is me, the REAL ME THE REAL ME YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE…so here is where Ill start this one, but you will see a slew of blogs here in just a few mins cuz im starting from the very beginning of my tumblr that i have now, cuz this is the third tumblr ive had.

Oh I’d like to add to this…I don’t like my choice taken from me, let me choose when i want a dick pic, ask me

Also, ive been with about 4000 dicks in my life, (yes i love being a slut lol) a dick is a dick is a dick…BUT….DONT BE A DICK!!! LOL

What A Dick Pic Means

What a unsolicated dick pic means to a sex worker

It means disrespect

It’s shows a lack being able to carry yourself correctly,  in a professional manner

its shows lack of creativity

it tells us your a boundry pusher and have lack of concern or care in whats important to us

Definitly not well thought out or any amount of time involved in this gesture

it shows being needy in appraisal, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

it’s absolutly a HUGE turn off and overall is VERY distasteful gesture

What an unsolicited dick pic means for me

Well to me… Being the slut that I am as well as sex worker I’ve seen many a dicks (all sex workers have)

Also considering that I don’t do sizes at all, size just isnt important to me…..

its a simple-minded gesture in my eyes …and that we probably wouldnt make a good match, because im not on a simple minded level. im way above that level.

And well because not one dick is as identifiable to me as the next dick is.(because I don’t do sizes or anything like that) the dicks pics just kinda run together to include something that would make a dick more than just a dick pic and worthy of me stopping and going ”awwwww”  over it…..hell  make that muthafucka worth me remembering it and identifying who it belongs to, some kind of character ,can be something simple as a face that belongs to that dick… to…i dont know….. For example and this is just stupid this but yeah here’s my logic here. if you caught a fish with your dick using a fishing rod, and you reeled that bitch in by your dick… well hell yeah I’m a remember that mother fucker, matter fact that fish is going on a plaque and I’ll be talking about you and your dick for the rest of my entire life!!!!!

 Or maybe just simply giving RESPECT and asking before you do this kind of gesture would be greatly appreciated.. until then ..sorry it doesn’t do nothing but…..be just be a dick

Footnote… This was inspired by a person that had emailed me about buying some pictures which would have been my first “customer” if you will, for lack of better words, to buy merchandise from me which was special to me so the other night I went and made new pictures in between everybody calling me in the middle night Monday night… This had special meaning to me behind it and in this one simple gesture…well it inspired this writing out of me, that’s what it did.

I don’t get a males logic of what response or reaction your trying to get out of this but whatever it may be it definitely isn’t going to be that. it will definitely be the opposite of what you’re looking for whatever that is.

Please please be mindful and respectful to any female not just sex workers and ask before you do this. I hope that this helps out some

Update 6-18-19

On Father’s Day, I had sold some content to someone, it was the two for one package sets that he got from me. After a while he asked me if I had anything with BBC and “BIG DICKS” …..of which, I was like “WTF is a big dick? What is it that you consider to be a big dick????” About this time, I get this stupid visual in my head and I couldn’t stop cracking the fuck up…..and I can see myself doing this kind of stupid shit here….lol….Im bad in math yall, and I mean I’m NOT paying attention to no kind of sizes when all I wanna do is gobble the motherfucker up lmao…but I can see me doing this…

….If ya’ll don’t stop coming to me and asking me about sum unimportant shit like dick sizes, I guess i’m just have ta carry a ruler or a tape measure and start going around and measuring every dick i’m with so that I can get a fucking average figured out so that I can better answer ya’ll questions. ???????And I can actually see me having to do this pretty soon lmao…You men, ya’ll are “something else” lmao….ya’ll think of the most unimportant shit to me and at the wrong times usually lol…like when I’m wanting to just gobble it up…you gonna stop me from putting your dick in my mouth to ask me about some kind of size thing that i cant figure out cuz it aint what’s on my mind at all!

Sometimes it’s just so hard to be dick a holic ??? Can’t live with them, but gotta get fed, so can’t live without them!!! lmao ????

Rogue’s Advice: Don’t be a dick by sending unsolicated dick pics and/or vids without first asking if they are welcomed!

Much Love ?????


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