What You Should Know BEFORE You Manscape

Ok here’s the scenario….

You are about to FINALLY meet with the provider that you’ve wanting to see. You have gone through her screening and she’s approved you. Now you can feel the excitement building and the anticaption is a killer. You are wanting to make a great impression in the grooming dept, down below. But not really sure how to go about it. You start to think, “What’s the quickest and easiest way I can go about doing this???”… When you get to the store, you stop right in front of the shaving products for women….and find yourself just …..staring…at all this “stuff” that women use. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, you start grabbing “stuff” and reading the directions….And you grab the “Nair” bottle……DON’T DO IT!!!!

I have had two gentlmen that wanted to impress me by manscaping with Nair only to find themselves in such an embarrassing situation, and one that’s very painful. Yes, of course, I was honored, but I also felt terrible that this happened. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this kind of situation. The first incident was a younger gentlmen, was all excited to be meeting me. I was on kik with chatting with him. And thank God that I had been. Because once he told me what happened, I went into a small panic because I didn’t how to help him, rushing to get something up on google so that I could tell him. At that point, he had said that soaking in the tub felt better. Unbeknowst to him, by using Nair, this caused him to have chemical burns. If I had to take a guess, by leaving it on for to long. What also needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that these products are NOT made with men in mind. With that area, being way more sensitive for men than it is for women.

The second person was an older gentlemen, he had later told me what happened, on our second visit. No matter what age you are, if this is going to be your first time grooming. Before you find yourself in a similar situation, please at least google up the safest way to groom.

I wanted to share a few tips with you that I have learned through out my experiences since I started shaving as a teen. I also asked for some manly advice from two friends.Both having very opposite answers.

Where To Begin

Start off by getting rid of the “excess” hair. You would probably be better off with using your trimmers, that you use for your beards and mustaches. If your feeling brave enough, and have a steady hand, using a set of sheers is ok. But for first timers, you might want to stick to the trimmers instead. I can tell you what I did by using sheers to do this, but I do NOT believe you’d want to know. So, let’s just say, that I’m stating this from experience. lol

Starting at the top of your pelvic area, by pulling the hair up and just start to trim, getting as much excess hair that you can. When you get the bulk of it done, you may want to go over it again to get it all looking right, this may be best to use a downward motion, of course, making sure Jr is off to the side and out of the way. When you are done with this, it will probably compare to a day of two of growth that would be on your face.

When you are getting to your most precious areas, go by “sections” for the shaft and your balls. Don’t try to get all of this done, in one “section” Make sure that the skin is pulled taunt. When completely done, you may decide that leaving it just trimmed is good enough. And honestly speaking, I can’t speak for other women, but for me, I’m cool with it.

A Few Tips On Shaving

Again, here’s where I’m gonna say that I can only speak for myself. And if there’s any gentlemn out there that have some good pointers, please by all means, share these little secrets. 🙂

I have found that by shaving in a downward motion first, then shaving upwards to get a closer shave. But I couldn’t shave upwards every time, it would irriate my skin. So I had to limit this to like every other day or so. Also I have found that by taking a cotton ball and dabbing a little alcohol of the top portion of your pelvic area right after I’m done, DOES work wonders when it comes to razor burn and helps to lessen irriatation and itch from the hair growning back. But ONLY use the alcohol on the top portion of your pelvic area. And to warn you, when you first start using the alcohol, your gonna feel a little burn, just blow it on a little bit. Believe me, compared to the razor burn and the itching when the hair starts to grow back, you are gonna want to use alcohol.

Manly Advice: The Specifics

Here’s what my friend had to say:

Two things. Get a good quality trimmer and use the different adapter to trim down the hair. Start with a 3 and then go down to a zero. Never do your shaft or testicles without fully stretching them out. You want the skin taunt, not loose! I always garb my nuts and hold them to make them as tight as possible and work my way around. Also, it’s almost impossible to get a perfect trim without getting a nick or two. So doing it a day two ahead of time helps!

“Ask The Pro”

Another suggestion would be to ask the provider that you will be meeting with if she has prefers a neat trim or a bald pubic area. This advise coming from my other friend, also adding…

 I find as long as it is washed clean with soap or shampoo & doesn’t smell sweaty or funky it doesn’t offend.

My Preference??

At this point, I know that your wanting to know what I prefer:) So to answer that question, neatly trimmed or bald, I would prefer not to have any dental floss. You can tell I was raised around construction workers huh?? lol

If anyone has any other advice or tips to offer, feel free to do so. I will honestly say, I have always liked hearing it from a man’s point of view! 🙂

Much love and Licks,


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