When Your Screams For Help Are Not Heard or Taken Seriously

im gonna refer you back to my blog https://msrogueofsa.net/when-giving-your-all-is-not-enough/

what do you think i fucking write fiction this is how ive been feeling buried alive in a glass cell banging on the glass to my hands bleed and yet still no one hears me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s funny how I’ve been screaming out for help for over a year now and no one listens to me seriously

No one takes it as serious as it really is nobody no one not even you

See even you none of you listen to me none of you taking me seriously I’m not just in a bad place I want a good place of whatever I have been horribly bad for a very very long time now no one listens no matter what I’m trying to do what I’ve done nothing no body no one fucking listens to my screams for help

It seems like when I scream out for help that’s the time for everybody to take more advantage of me or use me more

I’m so tired I’m so exhausted can’t seem to just go on anymore

I’m worse than beat down and bruised up I can’t get up I can’t function anymore I’m wearing more than beat them I’m beat down to nothing I don’t have any spirit anymore I don’t have nothing about me anymore I’m very lost and confused and hurt and that’s just the time where it’s just take advantage of me more and just run over me and nobody seems to really understand that I’m actually literally very literally trying to save my own fucking life  you take more for me

I have nothing more to give but my mouth now nobody wants to give back at all

Is it people that have or that want to it’s not enough to change the the problem the problem is is that a whole level we’re been abused by the whole public. Just buy a school or my family or either something I can pinpoint indirect things to it’s been a whole wide public the problem is worse and bigger than anybody wants to actually see is going on with me and nobody really wants to change the problem in this situation celebrity here in bed stuck all the time crying because I don’t know what to do anymore no matter what I’m trying to do just isn’t enough for people to understand where I’m at and for y’all to stop abusing me I don’t do nothing I don’t even take it why I don’t have no control over my life I don’t have nothing about my life to me but continue to fucking go on and nobody wants to see just how serious the shit is is it stop abusing me it just start listening to the things that I say

I mean hell I woke up in a few minutes later I had only 10 minutes before my confirmation to get dressed so why even bother getting dressed why they’re bothering brushing my teeth I didn’t have enough time to. So why bother getting dressed for you anymore you decide what you want me to do anyways

Oh yeah that’s right I’m not worth shit because I don’t have my teeth because it was stolen from me yeah that’s right I’m not worth anything right remember those words will I do I even have the screenshots of those words when they were told to me I’m not worth anything

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