Wise Words To Live By Nov 11,2019

I want every last one of you to think about this

I stay humble for a reason

I am humble because I know the way that I’ve been treated I wouldn’t want no one else to be treated like that

So therefore I remember to stay humble

I’ve turned the other cheek I’ve turned the other cheek back and I’ve let you beat my cheeks up and yet I still stayed humble I not I joked I played and I had a good time all the while you repeatedly beat my cheeks up

And yet I still stayed humble

I’ve then by good example I’ve showed you an honorable woman I’ve showed you to trust in me I showed and I proved it to you my worth

I gave you my all every last one of you I gave my living all to down to 3,000 a month in debt

I gave you my home I gave you my heart I gave you a freak that none of you never wanted to find out about

I really want y’all to think on this because I gave you everything that you could possibly ask for that you did ask for it and I stayed humble I stayed true to myself and I stayed honorable no more not one of you is getting bareback like talking about not like that no see you wanted to test me you wanted to try me you wanted to push me you wanted to see if I was real

I told you who I was and what I was about

And I proved myself time and time and time again

And I stayed humble and I led by example I showed my word is honor

I proved it

I stood here and I watched you take everything from me that I gave you already all you had to do was show respect and kindness that was it that was it that’s all I ever asked for that was it

You took my kindness as weakness and you doubted my word

But here’s the funny thing you took away when I was trying to give you and you didn’t get it the way I was going to give it to you you fucked up your own surprises and I kept telling you that

Now you took everything from me and there’s nothing left to give to you anymore

You took my fun thinking you were fucking me when actually you only fucked yourselves because you took my choice and you took it from me but I was trying to give you so I just don’t see I don’t see the logic there

I don’t see the logic in taking someone’s twice just because you can don’t you think it would be better if you allowed somebody to give you what you wanted don’t you think you would have gotten a whole lot more from me had you not taken from me

you know I just can’t tell everyone in the world if I have 30 minutes or a few minutes extra time that I would enjoy spending that time with you now could I???

Why what I want to do that you would just automatically take it from you then

But there has been many of you

That I have spent 30 minutes an extra hour just chilling with yo just because I was having a good time

I couldn’t tell y’all that you had to earn it

See I told you I was a different kind of person you wanted to take me the same as you take everybody else you did a big no-no In my book

the only thing is about it

Is that my book came with all of your surprises that you took from me to give to you

You ruined your own surprises.

I hope you’ve learned some lessons here today

Treat others as you want to be treated

Lead by example

Keep humble

Talk by doing the walk

Keep your honor and your standards

Don’t lower yourself just because you’re being tested

Stay true to yourself

Show kindness and consideration

Be respectful

Walk away just walk Away

Don’t fight just walk away thats what i did when i turned my cheek back and forth

Be very observant

Know your surroundings

Do not ever trust a motherfucking soul


Do not depend on nobody else but yourself

Don’t lie don’t even lie by omission

Br honest that means be honest with yourself also


Love yourselves because it’s going to be the only person that loves you in the end

Do not judge you do not have that privilege. Only God does. That’s too big of a job anyways. I wouldn’t want that job.

Do not be fake, put on a mask or a facade just to show the world something

The only person you need to show is yourself

Don’t worry about the Joneses

Don’t follow society standards, you will fall right with them

Stand and have a backbone. Dont cower down and don’t be a coward

Always be mindful of your intent. It might just bite you back in the ass

In the end

That end game is much sweeter than the now game

Don’t ever try to lie to an empath, uou won’t get away with it. An empath knows

The biggest lie you told was only to yourself

Playing fuck fuck only meant that you only fucked yourselves from Get-go

If you don’t like the mirror image

Change the image

Don’t steal just to hang yourselves in the end with your own rope that you stole

Be smarter than that rope that you hubg yourself with

There is a thing called Street Smarts

There’s also a thing called Code in the Streets

Rats are a dying breed

But that does NOT mean to allow bully’s to walk all over you and take your life either

Ignorance IS bliss, depending on what side your on

Knowledge is ALWAYS power

Can’t see till you can see

By that time it’s hindsight is always 20/20

Don’t ask for a handout, ask for a hand UP




Be an asset or you’ll be liability

Never tell all your secrets

Never ket your left hand know what your right hand is doing

Never give all cuz it will be taken

Takers have no boundaries at all

Make them boundaries for yourself

Being nosey will only get your nose bit off

Sometimes it’s not just the quiet ones you have to worry about

Confusion will only leave you dizzy in the end



its only madness because it’s NOT YOUR METHODS

what’s normal and why does it have to be normal

Normal is boring, stop being boring

Be yourselves, be unique

Do not change just because i want you to change

When you try to change a person to fit yourself, you’ll get that very mirror image of what you portray out to others

Know how to play the game when the game is dealt to you

Always give the choice that is rightly theirs yo choose

But always leave the ball in their courts they will bounce it their way

If you didn’t like what was fed to you then feed yourselves

Always hold the key

Be responsible and master yourself

You can not master anyone else until then

Thinking i did not have a full deck i showed you you didn’t have 3/4 of your deck of your deck of cards

Have knowledge it is powerful

Be wise and know exactly when to use it.

That is the weapon to use

All of you that hide behind your keyboards with all this knowledge under your finger tips,

But yet are still stupid in your smartness

Never think ALWAYS KNOW

Thinking is stinky thinking

Your mind is a very dark place, stay out of it

Your heart is pure it will lead you where you need to go

Never question your gut, your gut is your soul

Stay within the light, you’ll never go blind

Darkness leads you astray

Listen instead of telling, you will never be heard

Be mindful never hateful

Always quality NEVER quantity

Listen to your elders they have to say

Listen to the Wind it will give you the direction

Be grounded as the trees stand tall and firm

Fire is to cleanse purify and bring a new

When controlled

Let it go a mok

And it will find you in the end

Do not use my own weapon against me because then id become that much stronger

You got stupid, too stupid to know

Stupid is as stupid does stupid never learns cause stupid always thinks he knows when he doesn’t

Now I hope that i have shown you and taught you a lesson do not ever put my own weapon in my hands and think you’re using it against me, again i will show you who are to nr in the end

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