Your karma

For 2 years now y’all have controlled every bit of me. Now.. now I’m sick and it could have been prevented. I’m out of shampoo I’m out of conditioner some man my fucking toothbrush the other day out of my bathroom I don’t have any toothpaste I haven’t colored my hair in 2 months I mean monistat cream I need simple Sudafed with a decongestant because of my ears I’ll end up in the hospital which I don’t have a way to get there I can’t afford a fucking cab I can’t

Yall keep me hungry for up to 6 days. You keep stealing from me every time I turn around you keep me homeless

the man I had fell in love with wanted to bury me and smear this dick in my face and never showed one sincere remorse about it

I’m going to tell you what the way I feel right now y’all scared the liv8ng shit out of me all of you. All of you are truly evil and you freaking get the karma that you deserve you are all truly evil and this is truly slavery and truly being human traffick

then another mother fucker because he’s tired of hearing me blah blah blah about him crossing my boundaries and because I’m in the middle of bitching another mother fucker out that comes around that did a day to breach last year and wants to buy more videos because of his lying and deceiving and deception and fucking bullshit he goes under another email which I called him because I’m requiring ID because age verification

because I’m chewing that mother fuck around this mother fucker calls me contact me excuse me I get there but you got why you answering me like she owns me and then going to tell me within 1 hour I developed a covid fever I don’t want to get you sick then the next day expects me to fuck him he miraculously fucking gets better y’all make me God damn so sick I hope all of you get exactly what you’ve given to me I really do tell him no good to me and you wonder why we as women providers start hating you this is why

y’all are truly all evil y’all truly deserve your car for what you’ve done to me and other women but it’s special for me because you all have done the extra dirty and you boast about it it makes you proud to do a person this horrible this is truly evil and you wonder why I’m scared of y’all y’all are truly monsters

I had never done anything to be treated in such vile ways nobody deserves this nobody except for the people that do this to other people you would rather hold out and be fucking so hateful smh

seems like the only damn thing a man is good for these days is to help put a woman straight up in the grave quicker that’s it ain’t good for nothing fucking else not from what I see. I’m glad you’re proud of yourselves you’ve done a grand job.

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